From humble beginnings as a street food and catering business, Hoghock introduces a new and thriving for the pork-based food industry.

The idea of German Pork Knuckle inspired the founding partners to unlock the full potential of Pork Knuckle as an ingredient. So back in 2015, after months of experimenting and perfecting the recipe, they discovered a Pork Knuckle dish that taste so good, they knew they had to share it right away. As time goes on, the partners found out that the demand for our food increased from day to day basis and that is when the Pork Knuckle over rice platter was born. Ok, let's not forget about the awesome Sambal Matah and Sambal Hijau!

Spicy, tasty, tender, juicy, flavour rich and downright addictive - it's pork that's so bad, it's good. Thousands of people in Jakarta alone would agree with us.

Our main mission is continuously improve the quality of our food and services in order to exceed customers increasing expectations.


It's okay to drool. We don't mind.


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